1990 Company founded as "Werkzeugbau GmbH“ (Tool Making Company)
1992 The start of mass production of seals and gaskets for the automotive industry.
1994 Start of production of sound and heat shield components for the engine, chassis and exhaust systems.
1995 The development of new manufacturing technologies which enhanced design improvements for sound and heat shield components.
1996 The start of mass production of sound and heat shield components.
1998 The start of module manufacturing for automotive safety components and the start of production of plastic moulding.
2000 Opening of our new plant in Wustermark Germany  with a production area 7.500 square
meters and the opening of a new sales and engineering office in Auburn Hills, Michigan,USA
2001 "Automotive Surface Technology" was founded.
2003 Start of Production of welding assemblies and aluminium engine brackets. 
2003 A new production area for Automotive Surface-Technology was built on the J&S site in wustermark, Germany. The beginning of research and planning for a production site in the U.S.A
2004 J&S becomes supplier for welding components
2005 J&S North America Corp. and AST North America Corp. were founded
2006 Start up of Production at the new factory in Auburn/Alabama
2007 Increase of product range for vehicle safety components
2009 J&S becomes to corporate group supplier for active belt pretension systems
2010 J&S will celebrate the 20th anniversary – capacitive increase of the location in Wustermark 



J&S GmbH Automotive Technology
Rostocker Strasse 11
D-14641 Wustermark

Automotive Surface Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Hermann- Riemschneider- Strasse 7
D-16816 Neuruppin
J&S North America Corp.
1820 East University Drive
Auburn, AL 36830

J&S Werkzeugbau Weigel GmbH
Karlsbader Str. 9
D-08359 Breitenbrunn